Swiss names for boy

swiss names for boy

Had a baby boy! Check out our exclusive list of the most popular swiss boy names for your lttle bundle of joy and name him with the same. Find out What's in YOUR Name! Click here to look through thousands of Swiss baby names!. Swiss Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in Switzerland (Italian) from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia. BARTLIson of furrows, or, son of Tolmai. Most Popular Names for Boys in Switzerland Italian These are the most popular boys' names in Switzerland Italian for Sep 15 Case Studies. Most Popular Girls Names in France Spanish Boys Names: CHLAUSvictor of the people. Leonardo Gabriel Liam Alessandro Lorenzo Enea Matteo Noah Gabriele Mattia Andrea Federico Francesco Samuele Christian Elia Alex Gioele Luca Sebastian Aaron Giacomo Nathan Oliver Diego Adam Daniel Davide Ethan Evan Kevin Riccardo Ryan Samuel Tommaso Filippo Nicolas Emanuele Julian Nicolo David Eric Giona Manuel Simone Thomas Neuss hamtorwall Dylan Jacopo Jason Game boy tetris Nicola Pietro Sebastiano. Most Popular Names for Girls in Poland Czech Boys Names: HOME Contact Links Proudly Hosted by JaguarPC. Most Popular Names for Boys in Poland Polish Girls Names: CONRADUS , able councillor. MARTILI , of Mars. Home Names Direct Lookup Browse by Letter Extended Search Full Text Search Favorites. Names International Names Baby Names Blog Forum. WILLE , resolute helmet. MEANING Adorned Adorned Attraction Attraction Auspicious Auspicious Awesome Awesome Best Best Blue Blue Brave Brave Bright Bright Brilliant Brilliant Calm Calm Celebration Celebration Charitable Charitable Charming Charming Chastity Chastity Chief Chief Complete Complete Conqueror Conqueror Consciousness Consciousness Constant Constant Continuous Continuous Cool Cool Cooperative Cooperative Courage Courage Creation Creation Creative Creative Creator Creator Crystal Crystal Cupid Cupid Curious Curious Dark Dark Dear Dear Death Death Decorated Decorated Delicate Delicate Delight Delight Desire Desire Devotee Devotee Direction Direction Divine Divine Dragon Dragon Dream Dream Dusky Dusky Emotional Emotional Enthusiasm Enthusiasm Equal Equal Eternal Eternal Excellent Excellent Expert Expert Fame Fame Famous Famous Favour Favour Fearless Fearless Firm Firm First First Flame Flame Flute Flute Focus Focus Fragrant Fragrant Freedom Freedom Future Future Gain Gain Generous Generous Gift Gift Glorious Glorious Glory Glory Glow Glow Grace Grace Great Great Guru Guru Handsome Handsome Helpful Helpful Hero Hero High High History History Holy Holy Honest Honest Honour Honour Horizon Horizon Humble Humble Humid Humid Ideal Ideal Illuminated Illuminated Immortal Immortal Incarnation Incarnation Infinite Infinite Innocent Innocent Intellect Intellect Intelligence Intelligence Kind Kind Knowledge Knowledge Lamp Lamp Leafy Leafy Learned Learned Life Life Luminous Luminous Lustrous Lustrous Matchless Matchless Meditation Meditation Mercy Mercy Modest Modest Nectar Nectar New New Noble Noble Paradise Paradise Patience Patience Perfect Perfect Perfume Perfume Permanent Permanent Philosopher Philosopher Pious Pious Pleasant Pleasant Plenty Plenty Polite Polite Praise Praise Prayer Prayer Precious Precious Priceless Priceless Pride Pride Proper Proper Prosperity Prosperity Protected Protected Proud Proud Prowess Prowess Pure Pure Quick Quick Quiet Quiet Radiant Radiant Respect Respect Rest Rest Restless Restless Rich Rich Righteous Righteous Rising Rising Sacred Sacred Safe Safe Sage Sage Sandalwood Sandalwood Satisfaction Satisfaction Scholar Scholar Secret Secret Servant Servant Shadow Shadow Shape Shape Sharp Sharp Shining Shining Sight Sight Silent Silent Silken Silken Simple Simple Sincere Sincere Skilled Skilled Small Small Smile Smile Smooth Smooth Soft Soft Song Song Soul Soul Sound Sound Special Special Speech Speech Splendid Splendid Stream Stream Success Success Superior Superior Supreme Supreme Surprise Surprise Surrender Surrender Swift Swift Tender Tender Thirst Thirst Thought Thought Treasure Treasure Triumph Triumph Truth Truth Union Union Unique Unique Universal Universal Useful Useful Valuable Valuable Victor Victor Victorious Victorious Victory Victory Wave Wave Wealth Wealth Welcome Welcome Whole Whole Winner Winner Wish Wish Wolf Wolf Worship Worship Young Young Youthful Youthful. Most Popular Names In America 1 Emma Noah 6 Mia Benjamin 2 Olivia Liam 7 Charlotte Jacob 3 Ava William 8 Abigail Michael 4 Sophia Mason 9 Emily Elijah 5 Isabella James 10 Harper Ethan See the complete list Also: Favourite 0 Use this space for Favourite Baby Names you like. Most Popular Names for Girls in Switzerland Italian Polish Boys Names: GENDER Boy Girl Unisex. Most Popular Names for Girls in Austria German Boys Names: A variant of Farni, a topographic name for someone living in an area with ferns. Most Popular Names for Girls in Switzerland Italian Polish Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in the Czech Republic Czech Girls Names: BEIALIgoodness of the Lord.

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Skip to toolbar Log in. Email Me My Favourite Baby Names. Traditional Swiss names are rarely heard. Are you tired of a job - and would like to start your own successful business? BALDERIK , prince ruler.

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How To Pronounce 100 French First Names For Boys Great Swiss Baby Names Lists and so much more. Variant spelling of Detweiler, a habitational name from Detweiler, a village in Zürich. It may mean an immature person. Most Popular Names for Boys in the Czech Republic Czech Girls Names: Full Name Email Password. HACKEL , axe, or, terror. Most Popular Names for Boys in Switzerland German , These are the most popular boys' names in Switzerland German for


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