Beste mac games

beste mac games

When you're seeking a quick burst of interactive entertainment, these are the best Mac games you can get. PC gamers aren't the only ones who get to have fun. Take a look at our picks for the best — and most popular — Mac games available for. Have some fresh fun with these enticing new Mac picks. Seagate 4 TB Expansion Desktop Rescue Edition reduziert. Sure, newer ones are available on Windows, but this installment is still a great action-packed first-person shooter. And, if you're a fan of morality systems, you'll be pleased to know that Life Is Strange features one of the best, with seemingly minuscule choices resulting in major consequences by the end of the game. This game has all the ingredients to do old-school RPGs justice. Precision is key and a controller is highly recommended. Another Kickstarter-funded throwback game, Yooka-Laylee is a 3D open world platformer from some of the creative talents behind the Banjo-Kazooie and Bartender flash game Kong Country games. Display erweitern jetzt ganz günstig: But it gets better. The idea that Macs can't do gaming is an outdated one. This is a good-looking yet simple game. We kid, we kid. However, GW2 gets all the basics right, including a really flexible skills system that gives you different powers and abilities depending on which weapons you choose. Most Popular Most Shared. The combat is fun, the sound effects are intense, and the art style looks great. The Talos Principle's Mac version isn't particularly demanding, but you will need a recent Mac to enjoy it: The first FPS counter for Mac. As you can probably tell by the graphics, Undertale is an ode to old-school role-playing games akin the earlier Final Fantasy games on the SNES. Yooka-Laylee Mac Release Date: As always, it's up to you to gird your loins and turn back the forces of darkness before they unleash untold nastiness upon the earth.

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This hack-and-slash action game gives you control of a cyborg. Mafia 3 is a very demanding game. Like Planescape, Torment puts its emphasis on story-telling rather than combat, with long swathes of dialogue, and important choices that affect how other characters react, and how the game itself unfolds. The standard version of Guild Wars 2 is now free to download and play, albeit with the inevitable in-game store that tempts you to cough up some cash for various role-playing goodies. For example, instead of focusing on one hero, it focuses on the caravan as a whole. beste mac games This is your chance to play as James Raynor or Diablo himself. It requires a real guitar. Typical - you wait years for an Overlord game on the Mac, and then three come along all at once. If your heroes are cold they are more susceptible to be frozen and if they are wet they'll take more damage from lightning spells. Some gamers have told me that the Mac port is full of bugs. LEGO Star Wars Saga. Crypt of the NecroDancer is a dungeon crawler with a twist: Hilton Hotels begeistert von iPhone-Schlüsseln. Expect to spend a lot of time in Divinity's world, as each play-through will take you hours. Legacy casino geburtstagsbonus the Void StarCraft 2: Because a nation cannot excel everywhere, you will need to make some decisions.


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