Main dc superheroes

main dc superheroes

Pages in category " DC Comics superheroes ". The following pages are in this category, out of total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). As a general rule, being a superhero does not require powers anywhere near omnipotence. Furthermore, even major heroes. We pick the 25 greatest superheroes from DC's extensive library. Maybe that's why she was the one to be cast as a major player on the. Brainiac also emulates this technology as well as technology from other worlds. Obviously that leaves out independent DC franchises like Stake7 online and Y: He is one of my all time favorites. Most of these experiments remain a secret to the public. He shares his superhero name with the Golden Age Atom, but Ray Palmer is more a scientist than a pugilist. Supergirl has been a mainstay of the Superman franchise since her debut in Captain Triumph Michelle Carter comics Catman comics Catspaw comics Catwoman Celsius comics Centrix Ch'p Chantinelle Chas Chandler comics Vigilante Adrian Chase Chemical King Chief comics Chlorophyll Kid Grace Choi Chris KL Chronos comics Chunk comics Claw the Unconquered Betty Clawman Joshua Clay Lilith Clay Coagula Codename: Green Arrow started life as one of a myriad of Batman clones. To explain this, main dc superheroes introduced the idea of the multiverse in Flash where the Silver Age Flash met his Golden Age counterpart. The Martians were destroyed by war, the Kryptonians by a dying live betting forum, and the Czarnians by plague. Recharge, The Brave and the Bold. Cyborg's star was already on the rise thanks to the Teen Titans animated series. He shares his superhero name with the Golden Age Atom, but Ray Palmer is more a scientist than a pugilist. Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created. Let's just hope Zack Snyder doesn't mess his reputation up with the upcoming movie. However, there are also plenty of nonhumanoid races. This is a DC Superheroes list of the best DC superheroes so vote for your favorites! Green arrow is one of the most badass and best dc characters main dc superheroes Navigation Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. He is also the most powerful being in the Multiverse and beyond. That's why we're counting down the 25 greatest heroes who live and fight in the DC Universe. Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. In other media Animated films Justice League: However this failed right out of the gate as the writers had Waverider state all alternate histories had been wiped and yet have the Armageddon saga in the timeline Supervillains sometimes also form their own groups, but these tend to be short-lived because most villains simply do not trust each other. The entire process was possibly inspired by Alan Moore 's meta-comic, Supreme: You've Come This Far The Infinite Crisis event — remade the DC Universe yet again, with new changes. I never really liked Superman that much and I never really knew why, it's just whenever I see him he's always saving the entire world from a bald guy he could just throw in a jail cell and he couldn't do anything about it. List of DC Comics characters and List of teams and organizations in DC Comics.

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The writers gave designations such as " Earth-One ", " Earth-Two ", and so forth, to certain universes, designations which at times were also used by the characters themselves. I do LOVE Nightwing Though If you like batman vote robin, batman is incomplete without robin Robin should be in nightwings place because he pretty mutch is nightwing Lol to lego robin V 2 Comments. Media in category "DC Comics superheroes" The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. Thus, an organization called "The Dome" was formed to help superheroes who needed to fight crime across international borders; the superhero group called the Global Guardians were their main agents. The Manhunters , the Metal Men , Red Tornado , Robotman , Hourman , and Metallo are but a few examples. Most members have been captured supervillains and thus expendable , and were strongly "encouraged" to join often with offerings of clemency if they survive their extremely dangerous missions. Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

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